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Reactive Dog

This 8-week course is designed for dogs that are fearful or shy of people, other dogs, objects, noises, etc. The first week is without the dog so that we can provide you with orientation information, answer your questions, and demonstrate exercises for you to work on with your dog, thereby making your dog's first visit to our hall a positive one.


Throughout the sessions, we use desensitizing and counter conditioning techniques while working on redirection and proactive behavior. We are exposing your dog to her fearful triggers at a distance she can handle while teaching her alternative behaviors to her natural tendency to scare off or run from the trigger. We then move on to working on real-life scenarios, for example, your dog reacts to bike riders, we ride bikes in class! We customize each course based on the issues you and your dog face.


We limit the number of dogs in this course, and we use barriers between the dogs. Current and former students of this class are invited to join a Yahoo group developed specifically to continue ongoing discussion regarding their dogs' issues.


Please Note:


  • Because the class size is limited, we require payment prior to the start date.

  • Children under 12 are not permitted in the class.

  • Due to the nature of this class, if you miss a lesson, we do not have make up lessons. 


Please do not bring your dog to the first class.


Cost of course: $250 for 8 week course


What to bring to class: six foot leash (no retractable leashes), flat collar and treats or toys for motivation


Class Requirements:


  • All dogs must be current on distemper, bordetella and rabies vaccinations and parasite free to attend sessions. Please bring proof of vaccination to first class.

  • Handlers under 16 years old must have adult supervision. Multiple family members are allowed and encouraged to attend classes. (However, at some locations we must limit the number of family members attending).


How to register for classes:


  • To sign up for a course, call our office at 262-363-4529. Then print out a registration form and send it in with payment to guarantee your spot in the course. Click here for a registration information.




Main location
828 Perkins Dr.

May 29, Wednesday 5:15 (Class is Full)

July 24, Wednesday 5:15


"I just want to thank you once again for everything you taught Corky and I in your class. I had a house full of people last weekend, including my grandson, and everything went smoothly with Corky. Over the course of only one day, she began playing with my grandson. Everyone noticed that she was much calmer and my daughter even commented that Corky seemed like a different dog. I can not thank you enough for teaching me how to build up Corky's confidence."

Judy & Corky

"My dog "is more tolerant of dogs on walks -- she can focus on me if they are on the other side of the street."

Judy & Sydney

" I rechecked my list of goals and all 5 were actually met -- to some degree -- as a result of this class. Thanks!"

Pat & Zoey

"My goal in the Shy Dog Class was to "re-direct (my dog's) aggression into something positive." I learned that my dog's "behavior reflects what I train her to do -- she is learning what is OK vs. what is not OK and I am learning how to show her the right way. My instructor took time to explain, give examples and noticed improvements. She is very knowledgeable and works to give you the 'tools' necessary for a well-behaved dog.""

"A few days ago, I was walking Smokey and we came upon a new dog being walked in our neighborhood. I applied the "look at me" technique using a treat and sped up our walking. His eyes were glued to me. The other dog owner commented on how well behaved he was. I thanked her and told her how hard we have been working on it. I was so proud of Smokey. Thanks to you, we are making great progress on walks. Thank you."

Judy A.

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