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What is Rally? Rally is a sport in which the dog and handler complete a course that has been designed by the judge. The judge tells the handler to begin, and the dog and handler proceed at their own pace through a course of designated stations (10 - 20, depending on the level). Each of these stations has a sign providing instructions regarding the next skill that is to be performed. Scoring is not as rigorous as traditional obedience. 


Will My Dog be Able to Do Rally? Handlers are permitted to talk, praise, encourage, clap their hands, pat their legs, or use any verbal means of encouragement. Multiple commands and/or signals using one or both arms and hands are allowed; the handler's arms need not be maintained in any particular position at any time. 

Are There Any Prerequisites? An adult obedience class is needed prior. Rally provides a link from the AKC Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) program to obedience or agility competition, both for dogs and handlers. In addition, rally promotes fun and enjoyment for dogs at all levels of competition.

Learn the designated Novice Rally stations and handling techniques in the Beginner course. The Advanced course focuses on off-leash skills and Advance Rally stations. 

Cost of course: $165 for 8 week course


Are There Any Prerequisites to taking this class? Prior adult obedience training is required. Novice rally is required before advanced.


What to bring to class: six foot leash (no retractable leashes), flat collar and treats or toys for motivation


Class Requirements:All dogs must be current on distemper, bordetella and rabies vaccinations and parasite free to attend sessions. Please bring proof of vaccination to first class.Handlers under 16 years old must have adult supervision. Multiple family members are allowed and encouraged to attend classes. (However, at some locations we must limit the number of family members attending.)


How to register for classes:To sign up for a course, call our office at 262-363-4529. Then print out a registration form and send it in with payment to guarantee your spot in the course. Click here for a registration information.



Main location
828 Perkins Dr.


June 24, Monday 12:00pm Beginners

June 24, Monday 2:15pm Advanced


"I think [the instructor] does an excellent job."

Linda & Hunter

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