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Puppy Kindergarden

This 8-week course, (approx. 45 minute session) is for pups from 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age (at the start of the course), with the AKC S.T.A.R. exam given in week 8. This course is designed to help you understand your pup and build a lasting, loving relationship.  


Topics covered include:


  • Housebreaking

  • Chewing and mouthing

  • House manners (to reduce inappropriate behavior such as excessive jumping, barking or stealing items they shouldn't)

  • Basic obedience commands (come, sit, down, stay, etc.)

  • Do's and don'ts of puppy play

  • Confidence building exercises

  • Puppy relaxation techniques




Cost of course: $185 for 8 week course


What to bring to class: six foot leash (no retractable leashes), flat collar or harness and treats or toys for motivation


Class Requirements:


  • All puppies must be current on distemper (that is, started the distemper series) and bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations and parasite free to attend sessions. Please bring proof of vaccination to first class.

  • Handlers under 16 years old must have adult supervision. Multiple family members are allowed and encouraged to attend classes. (However, at some locations we must limit the number of family members attending).


How to register for classes:


  • To sign up for a course, call our office at 262-363-4529. Then print out a registration form and send it in with payment to guarantee your spot in the course. Click here for a registration information.


Listed below are the starting dates for the Puppy Kindergarten classes. Whichever day you start, is the day of the week and time your class will be held for the eight week session. The class is 45 minutes long.




Main location
828 Perkins Dr.

    June 5, Wednesday 9:45am

June 5, Wednesday 6:30pm

July 1, Monday 9:00am

July 28, Sunday 10:15am


Genesee Depot
Friends of Nature
HWY 59 one block west of HWY 83

June 4, Tuesday 7:00pm 


"I have been to several dog training classes and this was by far the best!"

Ann & Zorro

“Jean [instructor] is wonderful!! I will miss coming to her class on Wed.  Keep in mind I have 46 years of experience to compare her to."

Jim & Angel

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