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Patti Muraczewski

Hello, my name is Patti Muraczewski and I am the owner of For Pet's Sake Dog Training.  I have been blessed to have my livelihood always centered around animals.   My degree is in as social work.  However, immediately after graduating from college, I was hired as the Director of the Elm-Brook Humane Society.  I learned so much about all types of animals but after 15 years decided to leave to pursue training dogs and their people on a full-time basis.  Over the years, I have been certified by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and Animal Behavior College. I am also a certified trick and stunt dog instructor.

I have received certification to be a licensed presenter for Dogs and Storks, a program for expectant parents who own pets.  It is a thrill to offer seminars at Aurora Health Center in West Allis help families and their dogs or cats adjust to the new baby.

My experiences have given me the opportunity to be a past columnist for the national publication Front and Finish as well as the local publication Fetch.  I totally enjoy sharing what I have learned about dogs and have taught a number of classes on dog behavior for Waukesha County Technical College and the Kenosha Police Academy.   I give seminars to the different utility companies and delivery companies and for over 15 years have provided the US Postal Carriers with bite prevention presentations.

I have shared my life and accomplishments with a number of dogs that have been my partners and best friends.

* My first Bichon Frise, Keshka, ranked nationally in obedience and agility. 

* Snafu, my second Bichon Frise, is the second most pointed Bichon in North America and the first and only Iron Dog Bichon Frise in the sport of flyball.

* Kirby, my first rescue Bichon, was the first Bichon in the world to get a freestyle title in addition to his rally, flyball, agility, nosework and barn hunt titles.     

* Paisley, my first rescue Papillon, is titled in freestyle, tricks, nosework and rally.  Paisley was the first Papillon in the country to be titled in treibball.

* Blake, is a rescue Papillon, and he has earned titles in barnhunt, lure coursing, tricks and nosework.

* Harper, my rescue Schnauzer, is titled in barn hunt and lure coursing.


I am currently looking to become certified for training Diabetic Alert Dogs and learning more about earth dog training.  The longer I study and live with dogs the more I want to learn and the greater respect I gain for them. 


I hope you will share this love of dogs with me and the FPS staff.


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Patti Muraczewski
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