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Flyball is a dog sport in which teams of dogs race against each other from a start/finish line, over a line of hurdles, to a box that releases a tennis ball to be caught when the dog presses the spring-loaded pad, then back to their handlers while carrying the ball.Flyball is run in teams of four dogs, as a relay.


The course consists of four hurdles placed 10 feet apart from each other, with the starting line six feet from the first hurdle, and the flyball box 15 feet after the last one, making for a 51-foot length. Each dog must return its ball all the way across the start line before the next dog crosses. Ideal running is nose-to-nose at the start line. The first team to have all four dogs cross the finish line error free wins the heat. Penalties are applied to teams if the ball is dropped or if the next relay dog is released early.


Class Prerequisites:

  • Your dog should be 6 months or older to start Flyball classes. 


Check out our some flyball teams in action at the Wisconsin State Fair doing a mock tournament!

Cost of courses:
Beginner Flyball: $145 for 8 weeks
Intermediate Flyball: $125 for 8 weeks* 
*Weekly walk in rate, $20 for Intermediate Class


What to bring to class: six foot leash (no retractable leashes), flat collar and treats or toys for motivation


Class Requirements:


  • All dogs must be current on distemper, bordetella and rabies vaccinations and parasite free to attend sessions. Please bring proof of vaccination to first class.


How to register for classes:


  • To sign up for a course, call our office at 262-363-4529. Then print out a registration form and send it in with payment to guarantee your spot in the course. Click here for a registration information.


If you are interested in joining a flyball team after your classes, please check out our flyball team, High Fives.




Main location
828 Perkins Dr.

April 20, Saturday 

9:00am Beginners

10:00am Advanced


"The class has provided "exercise and fun for Riley -- bonding for us.  He's doing much better at recalls and it carries over at home."

Judy & Riley

Judy & Riley

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